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Online Seminar – How to avoid common mistakes to achieve your feel-good body

Package includes:

  • Online Seminar on March 19th

  • Nutrition diary

  • Analysis of your nutrition diary in personal talk with John


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Did you ever wonder, why you try so hard but never made much progress? It seems like a waste of time which you actually don’t have. Maybe you’re not sure if ths fitness stuff is even right for you.
But giving up should never be an option. Shaking off body weight is actually easy. You do not even need to invest much time. You just need to know how it really works. And you need to structure your every day live considering a few simple priciples. If it’s hard to you and swallows a lot of your precious time and energy, you definitely did something wrong so far!

I know, you’re short on time – like the most of my clients. So you dont have time doing tons of research and experiments to figure out on your own what exactly were your mistakes. All the better that you are now in the fortunate position of being able to personally ask an expert with numerous qualifications in this field and over a decade of professional experience.

In this seminar you will learn how to avoid the most common fitness mistakes and how to avoid getting caught by stupid myths that prevents you from reaching your personal feel-good body.

On top I’ll give you a special opportunity: After the seminar you will get a chance to fill in your nutrition diary. I will analyse your eating habits in a personal talk and show you what you can improve.

There’s only one question left: Do you want to take this unbeatable chance, yes or yes?


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